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DoD Partnership Intermediaries

The Department of Defense (DoD) has set up several partnership intermediaries to assist all DoD laboratories with technology transfer and transition. Partnership intermediary members work with both the DoD laboratories and companies to facilitate communication among potential partners and help the laboratories market their technologies. They also help companies understand DoD expectations and submit high-quality applications for licenses, CRADAs, and other T2 projects.

(Copyright Montana State University)

(Copyright Montana State University)

TechLink helps the DoD to establish licensing and other technology transfer agreements with U.S. industry. These agreements transfer DoD inventions to industry, enable companies to create new products and services, and stimulate economic development. TechLink has worked with most DoD laboratories and centers nationwide, facilitating more than 800 technology transfer partnerships, including over 300 license agreements. TechLink-facilitated agreements since 2000 have generated nearly $3 billion in sales (per a study in 2012). TechLink’s expertise extends to many industry areas including advanced materials and nanotechnology, aerospace, electronics, environmental technology, medical and biotechnology, photonics and sensors, and software and information technologies. By understanding the technology needs and strengths of both industry and federal laboratories, TechLink excels at developing productive partnerships that lead ultimately to commercialization of technology. TechLink was established in 1996 at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.

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MilTech provides hands-on product design, prototyping, technology scouting, and manufacturing assistance to transition innovative technology to the U.S. warfighter rapidly, reliably, and cost-effectively. MilTech provides assistance to DoD customers that are transitioning innovative technology to deployed combat operations. MilTech improves the sustainability of DoD suppliers and increases the speed at which innovative technology is deployed. MilTech is a partnership between TechLink and the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center.

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