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Department of the Navy Laboratories Recognized at the 2018 Federal Laboratory Consortium Awards Dinner

Department of the Navy Laboratories Recognized at the 2018 Federal Laboratory Consortium Awards Dinner

The Department of the Navy (DON) laboratories help to link federal research and development to academia, commercial entities and state and local governments through formal partnership mechanisms between the federal laboratory and the partner collaborator. These formal partnership mechanisms, including cooperative research and development agreements and patent license agreements, can support laboratory missions and impact Fleet readiness. Through the years the Fleet and warfighter have benefited from the research and development completed at the DON laboratories, with the laboratory technology transfer offices serving as the liaison between the federal laboratories and partner collaborators.

The DON Technology Transfer Program Office is located at the Office of Naval Research and recently welcomed a new Program Manager, Kendra Meggett-Carr.

Recognizing Successes

To celebrate the successes that come out of the technology transfer process, the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) recognizes laboratories and their partners for outstanding technology transfer achievements during an annual awards program in conjunction with their national meeting. The FLC is a congressionally-mandated, nationwide network of more than 300 federal laboratories, facilities and research centers that promote and facilitate the movement of research and technology into commercial products for the global marketplace. The 2018 FLC awards ceremony were held April 25, 2018 during the FLC National Meeting in Philadelphia and recognized the DON laboratories with five prestigious awards.

Michelle Miedzinski and Rick Tarr, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) – Patuxent River, MD – Outstanding Technology Transfer Professional Award. This award recognizes the efforts of an FLC laboratory technology transfer professional (or team) who has demonstrated outstanding work in transferring a technology in a manner significantly over and above what was called for in the normal course of their work. The NAWCAD technology transfer team consistently delivers dual- use successes that meet pressing Department of Defense needs, growing a network of industry and public-sector partners that has a positive impact on the local economy, and cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit at NAWCAD. This particular award was based on NAWCAD’s Al-Rich coatings which has been licensed to 10 companies and will make the environmentally-friendly coatings available to the military customer at a lower price through economy of scale during the commercialization process.

Excellence in Technology Transfer Awards. This award recognizes employees of member laboratories and non-laboratory staff who have accomplished outstanding work in the process of transferring federally developed technology.

Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) – Washington, DC – Excellence in Technology Transfer Award. NRL’s Mixed Odor Delivery Device is a canine training device that delivers a mixed vapor from binary explosive materials without mixing the materials, leaving them virtually free from risk of detonation and avoids safety issues involved with production, storage, and transportation of live explosives. The MODD technology will enable canine bomb detection operations in the public sector and U.S. military overseas to train the often first-line of defense canine teams against improvised explosive devices both domestically and in protection of the warfighter overseas.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division (NSWCCD) – Corona, CA – Excellence in Technology Transfer Award. NSWCCD’s Amorphous Bubble Bonding technique is a major advance beyond current technologies for fabricating cellular solids, yielding lightweight foams that are shock-absorbent, buoyant, and easily tailored to specific applications, with both military and civilian applications, and are expected to attract customers from aerospace, automotive, constructions, personal safety, lightweight submersibles, electronics, and storage/shipping containers.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) – Dahlgren, VA – Excellence in Technology Transfer Award. NSWCDD’s decontamination product ‘Dahlgren Decon’ is highly effective against a wide range of chemical and biological agents, including mustard gas, nerve agents (including VX), anthrax, and Ebola which is available off-the-shelf to Department of Defense, first responders, or others requiring the decontamination of biological or chemical contaminants. With a neutralization and kill time of just a few minutes, ‘Dahlgren Decon’ is now the fastest reacting decontamination agent on the market and has become the new standard in decontamination.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division (NSWCPCD) – Panama City, FL – Excellence in Technology Transfer Award. NSWCPCD’s Combat Diver Navigation Module provides a clear visual display of a combat diver’s compass heading, depth, and time, even in zero visibility conditions, enabling the combat diver to remain clandestine and not degrade his night vision for follow-on land operations. The NSWCPCD partnership with an established multi-national company will provide military divers conducting dangerous underwater navigation missions significantly increased accuracy, safety, and situational awareness.

For more information, please contact the DON Technology Transfer Program Office at [email protected]